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Note: This project has been discontinued in favor of another. See it here.

Mathos Language is a dynamic language that is going to target the Mathos Core Library. Right now, the main focus is on the syntax and the language architecture.

Find out more at:

As the project is in its earliest stage, we currently seek Developers and Architects experienced in C# programming and with some knowledge of compilers, expression parsers, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact Artem at artem(at)! :)

Mathos Project is currently taking a part in the Microsoft BizSpark programme, and we would like to extend a very special thanks to Microsoft BizSpark program for providing us with development tools, and other benefits of the programme! You can find out more about Microsoft BizSpark at!



Before you continue reading, please see Why Contributing.

Below, a list of ways to contribute.

  1. Help us with hosting
  2. Suggest a feature
  3. Contribute with code
  4. Design the documentation

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